Tarot Foundation Class Outline

Tarot Foundation Course
Taught by Diana Taylor

Week One:  Kabbalah Basics and Pentacles
Week Two:  Swords and Wands
Week Three:  Cups and Court Cards
Week Four: More Kabbalah and Major Arcana 0 – X
Week Five:  Major Arcana XI – XXI
Week Six:  Storytelling and Basic Spreads
Week Seven:  More Complex Spreads and Practical Work
Week Eight:  Practical and Party

Classes include lecture, practice, small-group discussion, work in pairs. Students receive extensive lecture handouts, personal discussion of homework assignments, follow-up support, and by the end of the course should be able to provide readings for others as well as be use tarot in meditation. There is homework, necessary for meaningful learning.  As is standard in Western classic tarot, classes will be based on the imagery in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

After the course is over, there is a graduates meetup group for ongoing practice and development. Limited numbers ensure personal teaching for each student.

We expect: arrival on time for class, completion of homework, participation in class discussion and exercises.  As is standard in Western classic tarot, classes will be based upon the Rider-Waite-Smith deck symbolism.

Upon successful completion of the class, each student receives a Treadwell’s Tarot Certificate.