Tarot Foundation Class Outline (Sue)

Taught by Sue Merlyn Farebrother

Week One: Introduction – why learn to read the Tarot cards? Origins. Tarot packs. Keeping a Tarot Journal. The story of the Major Arcana cards. The Fool and his Journey. Begin Major card meanings.

Week Two: The meaning of Numbers and Elements – the four Tarot suits. Major cards 1-5 (continuation) with the Minor cards 1-5. Court cards (part 1). Mini readings.

Week Three: Major cards 6-10 with the Minor cards 6-10. Major Cards 11-21. The Five card layout.

Week Four: Court cards (part 2), how to bring 16 ‘people’ to life. Story telling. Yes-No layout for short questions. Celtic Cross layout.

Week Five: Combining cards, practice readings, worksheets.

Week Six: Intuitive/psychic development (1). Tarot guides. The Aura layout.

Week Seven: Putting it together. Reading for yourself. Intuitive/psychic development (2).

Week Eight: Recap on learning and the Journal. Pairs readings. Gaining confidence. Where to go from here?

Classes include lecture, meditation, practice, small-group discussion. Max 12 per class to ensure personal teaching for each student. As well as talking about the cards, we will use guided imagery, story telling, intuitive exercises and creative practical work that will help you to develop your understanding. By the end of the course student should be able to readings for others as well as be able to use the tarot for meditation in spiritual development. There is homework in this course, necessary in order for meaningful learning.

We expect: arrival on time for class, completion of homework, participation in class discussion and exercises. As is standard in Western classic tarot, classes will be based upon the Colman-Rider-Waite deck symbolism

After the course is over, there is a graduates meetup group for ongoing practice and development.

Upon successful completion of the class, each student receives a Treadwell’s Tarot Certificate.