Tarot Tutors

Diana Taylor   (foundation class)
Diana has been reading classical tarot for almost twenty years, and has led courses at Treadwell’s since 2008. Her teaching style combines formal study of card symbolism with students’ personal engagement with the cards. Students receive a basic grounding in Qabalah, mythology and symbolism. Her classes are always popular and her students consistently send us positive feedback about her teaching.
Diana’s website, including student testimonials


Sue Merlyn Farerother  (intermediate class)
Sue has been reading tarot for thirty years, and teaching for over ten. She has taught tarot at Treadwells for seven years, bringing her informative and personable teaching style. Students are given a firm grounding in the language of the card meanings, and combine formal learning with intuitive and individual experiences. Classes include teaching, practice, meditations and discussion. Students consistently praise the classes and Sue’s teaching receives high praise.
Sue’s website