About Us

Treadwell’s Bookshop was founded in 2003 by Christina Oakley Harrington to be a place for the meeting of minds and  sharing of ideas.

pcg-3Journalist Gary Lachman wrote of us: “The academic atmosphere is a distinctly new element in the magical world. Twenty years ago, the idea of doing research on an occult subject would practically guarantee you’d be unemployed. Today that’s changed and, on a visit to Treadwell’s, you’ll hear names like Baudrillard, Deleuze, Bataille and Foucault dropped as often as that of Aleister Crowley. It’s a post-modern, post-Crowley generation here, and the results can be surprising.” (full story on Pagan Pages)

We care about our subjects and about experiences. We want to help people find the right resources and the right people, as well as the right books.

One Yelp reviewer wrote,  “What stands Treadwells above other esoteric stores in London is the extra-curricular activities and staff. The fact that the staff at Treadwells are practising means the information you receive is in depth and current. This is vital if you are looking for moots and talks on different aspects of Paganism. The people working here also seem to thoroughly enjoy divulging their knowledge and helping you along whatever pathway you may be walking. So never be afraid to ask questions whilst browsing the exciting titles on their shelves.” Leon C, Yelp London.

Reading Books at Treadwell's