Who We Are

Treadwell's Team 2016

Our shop floor staff are Brooke and Benjamin, with Carl overseeing everything. Marco is in charge of the Special Projects, and can be seen helping in the background, or teaching workshops and classes on Crowley and Thelema. For evening events you may meet Kristy, Fiona, Tom, Amy, and Eli. We include a hedge witch with a passion for literature; a shamanic practitioner who is also a Cambridge-educated chemist; an anthropology graduate with a love of fine art;  a theatre stage manager; an editor; a thelemic industrial musician, and several avid readers of philosophy, literature, and psychology.

Treadwell’s  is a collective of friends and colleagues of common purpose. From the first day to the present our friends have donated expertise, resources, old furniture and valuable advice. Volunteers help at our events, and have sometimes stood duty in the shop. Others have hosted the website,  done the accounts, shelved books. These oft-unseen members of our community form the heart of  the Treadwell’s project.

We all of us are part of the project, though, whether it’s a friend stacking chairs as a volunteer or an assistant doing the admin early on a Monday morning, and we love the subjects celebrated in the books surrounding you on the shelves.

Christina Oakley Harrington
Christina Oakley Harrington is Treadwell’s founder and presiding spirit. She was voraciously interested in spirituality and magic since childhood, and grew up in West Africa, Burma, and Chile, only moving Read More
Marco Visconti
Special Project Manager
Marco Visconti joined the Treadwell’s family in August 2014. After fifteen years around the world on stage with his bands, playing a weird mix of goth and electronic music and experiencing Read More
Johnny McQuillan
Shop Floor Bookseller
A volunteer-turned-staff at Treadwell’s, Johnny McQuillan hails from New Zealand, but now calls the London canals his home. An initiated priest of Oshun in the Lucumi tradition, you can find Read More
Martin Bladh
Second Hand Books Expert
Martin is a multimedia artist with a passion for literature and poetry. He also runs his own imprint called Infinity Land Press through which he publishes limited edition art books. Ask him Read More
Brooke Palmieri
Shopfloor Bookseller
Brooke Palmieri is a writer and scholar of Renaissance England and revolutionary politics, and she is also the latest addition to the ever-growing Treadwell’s family. You will find her on the Read More