Treadwell’s can provide background information and specialist contacts. Many people for professional reasons require an expert in the area of the pagan religions and historical aspects of Western esotericism.  Others come to us privately, in the course of their personal explorations.

Christina Oakley Harrington fAdvice resources are headed by Treadwells founder,  Christina Oakley Harrington.  She draws upon an established academic background, with a doctorate in History, specialising in religious and Celtic subjects. She has been involved in the pagan community since the mid-1980s.  Since her first BBC Radio interview in 1992 she has been committed to helping researchers and media reach accurate sources.

Treadwell’s is fortunate to have many  experts amongst its friends and contacts; we refer enquirers to the right people.  We draw upon speakers from past lectures, the Pagan Federation, Children of Artemis and informal networks.

Students and scholars who are working on monographs, articles and dissertations in our subject areas are warmly invited to contact us. We are always happy to arrange interviews and provide reading lists.

Personal explorers are invited to first use the resources provided.  We can often point people towards good reading, responsible groups and relevant events.

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