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Watch our video of the “UK Satanic Abuse Scare : 25 Years On” conference

As promised here is the video for UK Satanic Abuse Conference Scare, a one evening conference in partnership with Inform at the London School of Economics held in July 2016.

In the late 80s and early 90s the media portrayed Pagans as satanic, large-scale ritual child abusers. Definitively disproven by a thorough government-funded investigation, the scare is nonetheless of significance for understanding new religious movements, British society and ideas about Paganism. In this conference we looked at the scare through first-hand accounts from pagans, the media and academics.

Treadwells Richard and Judy

The Wicca Man (Channel 4 documentary). Documentary on Gerald Gardner and the rise of modern pagan witchcraft in Britain. Video

The One Show— BBC1.  History of the Rider-Waite Tarot (11 May, 2010)

Richard and Judy – Channel Four. A light-hearted discussion on an Elizabethan magical manuscript, with Sotheby’s expert. (16 July 2007) Video

Decoding Da Vinci (Channel 4 documentary, Autumn 2006).  Programme on the themes The DaVinci Code. Interview on the hieros gamos, or sacred marriage, in Wicca.

Richard and Judy – Channel Four. Discussion on witch-hunter Matthew Hopkins with author Malcom Gaskill for his book Witchfinder General. (14 April, 2005)

Celtic Legends (Cromwell Productions documentary, 2000). Interview on early Celtic battle culture as it appears in the Irish sagas

Treadwells Media newspaper

The Times — ‘Britain’s Not–So-Wicked Witches’. The state of pagan witchcraft in the UK today,  interview and quotes. (21 June 2011).

Guardian Online  ‘Witchcraft is an intensely personal, sacred path’ (31 October, 2010)

The Times.  Interview  on magic and witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth ( 2004).


The Book of English Magic – Philip Carr-Gomm and Richard Heygate (John Murray, 2009)

Londoners – Craig Taylor Guardian Review (Granta, 2011)


BBC Radio Four (on Wicca, 2009)

BBC World Service News (interviews 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010)

BBC London (May 2007)