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Magical Energy - Two-part Workshop

Julian Vayne leads this two-part workshop on energy techniques, drawing on methods used in taoist, tantric, northern, and chaos magic traditions. 11th Feb and 18th Feb, both sessions 19:00-21:00 GMT
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Feb 11, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Online & Delayed Viewing

About The Event

Esoteric systems around the world do work with body energy under a range of names and conceptualisations, from chi, to mana and many more. In this two-part workshop, Julian Vayne introduces the key ideas about magical energy and teaches a range of proven techniques for working with it.

Session One: 11th February

The first session introduces the concepts of magical energy which are found around the world, and addresses the complex ways in which they are conceptualised. He then guides participants in some exercises which designed to cultivate and subtle body energy for healing, transformation, spell casting and divination.

Session Two: 18th February

 Thge second session is dedicated more practical skills for working with internal energy, building on the skills learned in  the first session. This involves visualization, breath work, posture and sound to, hopefully, achieve profound altered states of awareness. The session then focusses on generating force for personal energetic cleansing and strengthening, and learning how to direct magical energy outside the body for purposes including healing at a distance.

Julian Vayne is a longstanding occultist whose magical work over the past 35 years is informed by chaos magic and lineages within Wicca and Tantra. An author of many publications, he is also co-organizer of the psychedelic conference Breaking Convention, and sits on the academic board of The Journal of Psychedelic Studies. Julian facilitates psychedelic ceremony, as well as providing one-to-one psychedelic integration sessions. Since 2011 he has been sharing his work through The Blog of Baphomet.   


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