Plato the Myth Maker II  -  Four-week Course
Thu, 17 Feb |

Plato the Myth Maker II - Four-week Course

Exit Plato's cave and discover the original occult practice of concealing knowledge in plain sight. Four myths with Sasha Chaitow: 17th, 24th Feb, 3rd & 10th Mar

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17 Feb 2022, 19:30 – 21:30

About The Event

The Latin occulere means to conceal, and gave us the word 'occult.' The Greek philosopher Plato is usually best-known for his hefty musings on philosophy, yet few realise that he is not only one of the forefathers of ideas central to occultism, but created a common occult practice: concealment of deeper meanings in myths that he reinvented

as teaching tools. His myth of Atlantis is the earliest known literary utopia; his Myth of Er reveals ancient conceptions of the soul, reincarnation, and human destiny; his Ring of Gyges is a contemplation on human morality, and most famous of all, The Cave illustrates his concept of reality. In other myths he searches for the secrets of Creation, the idea of Divine judgement, and reveals the power of love. Each myth contains layers of meaning revealing the heart of Platonic philosophy.

Sasha Chaitow's two-part course explores eight myths in their historical context . Her lively, richly illustrated lectures explore their hidden meanings and philosophical insights, then go on to look at their interpretation, impact and relevance.  This part's four sessions:

17 Feb. The Demiurge and Creation 

24 Feb. The Myth of Er 

3 Mar. The Other World 

10 Mar. The Cave

We record the live lectures as they're happening. If a student has to miss a session they can still see it on delayed view; equally, students can re-watch any of them until the end of the course.Further resources will be provided at the end of the course so students can go deeper. The course has its own Facebook group, where people can interact between classes, sharing links, commenting on readings, and making recommendations for one another; questions for Dr Chaitow can be posted there too. Upon completion, attendees will receive a Treadwell’s certificate.

Sasha Chaitow interdisciplinary scholar, an author, and an artist. Fluent in both English and Greek, she studied Greek philosophy in Athens and has drawn on Platonic thought for artistic inspiration as well as teaching approaches. An international lecturer for 20 years, she has also published her research on the history of esoteric thought.

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