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Freelance: Packing and Post 


We are a leading esoteric bookshop in Central London, now looking for someone to take over our online shop’s packing and post. A small team with an old-school work ethic, we pride ourselves on offering a kind, non-bullying workplace, with colleagues who are committed to courteous and honest communication. We are diverse in terms of nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender. We value continuity, so will give preference to freelancer who might expect to be around for 2+ years.



  • Assemble and pack online orders at standing desk / packing station

  • Spot picking errors and alert colleagues to make corrections

  • Take parcels to the post office

  • Order couriers using online systems involving extensive data entry

  • Pro-actively update customers by email as necessary

  • Keep their work area clean, fully-stocked and tidily organised




  • Reads paperwork accurately and is good at spotting errors

  • Does fast, accurate data entry up to an hour at a time

  • Has good hand-eye coordination and and spatial awareness (for packing)

  • Can stand for up to 3 hours at a time to pack books and delicate items

  • Is focussed and quick doing repetitive tasks at a standing desk/workstation

  • Writes friendly, clear emails 

  • Takes initiative: notices problems arising and steps in to avert them



Freelance, approx 12-14 hours per week, over 2 days in the week - days for work can suit the candidate’s schedule. £10 per hour. Will need a UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number showing they are registered to pay their own tax. You can register for self-assessment on HMRC website, at which point you will automatically be assigned a UTR. You can also call HMRC on 0300 200 3310

Closing date 18 May

CVs and covering letters must be submitted by email before midnight 18th May, to We will email all applicants on 23 May (6pm) informing them whether their application has been shortlisted. Interviews will follow.

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