London Shop

small pressesOur shop in London’s historic Bloomsbury is our headquarters and bookshop, as well as our centre for book launches, workshops, classes, lectures and tarot readings.  We are open seven days a week. Our office is here, too, and if you phone us, this is where your call comes to. Visit us to browse occult books, magazines, second-hand volumes, rare books, paperbacks and small fine press publications.

If you are shopping for gifts and pagan magical supplies, you will find what you want in the apothecary section at the back of the shop and in the  glass display cases.

Want a tarot reading? Your Treadwells reading will take place here, in our private consulting room. If you are coming to a class or a course,  you will be welcomed to our events and workshop rooms downstairs.

 Visiting the Shop

In an atmosphere of dark wood book cases and afghan rugs, Treadwell’s invites you into a world of esoteric belief and cultural history.  We are proud of our carefully-curated collection of books on Western pagan spiritualities and European esoteric traditions, from the rare collectible to the pre-loved paperback. We are always glad to offer guidance if you like.  If you fancy a quiet visit you can mooch about the secondhand titles of Western and world culture –  poetry anthologies; fortune-telling guides; classic novels; folklore studies; Greek plays. Our range is indicated in our bookshelf-headings.apotechary

The back of the shop is dedicated to magical supplies and other occult tools and accoutrements, including candles, cauldrons, wands and athames.  Usually, we are burning a blend of loose incense, so if you like what you are smelling, do ask us – we will have it on sale.

Downstairs at Treadwell’s is the tarot reading consultation room, as well as our lecture room and workshop space, where we have our own events, as well as room hire for outside events.

We are open seven days a week,  so that visitors from out of town and people with busy weeks can always find us here.