Tarot at Treadwell’s

Tarot is Europe’s most important divinatory art. It is beautiful, deep, and historically significant, yet there are few places you can experience it in its classic form. Treadwell’s celebrates Tarot by providing a grounded, intelligent place for experiencing this tradition. We offer outstanding practitioners as our house readers.

At Treadwell’s you can have a classic tarot consultation, learn to read the cards, purchase a classic or limited-edition tarot deck, and buy the best tarot books available, in and out of print.


Tarot Readings
Our readers are each personally invited by Treadwell’s management. Having a tarot reading is a memorable experience, and having a good one is breathtaking. Daily, 12.30 – 7.00 pm. £40 half hour, £70 full hour. Our private consultation room ensures complete privacy.

Tarot Reading Courses
We offer an intelligent curriculum, a well-structured syllabus, and creatively engaging classes. Courses are taught by friendly, encouraging tutors who have 15+ years experience. Along with learning symbolism and meaning, students will do practice readings in classes by the end of the course. Beginner and Intermediate eight-week courses are offered in the autumn and spring terms. Advanced courses are taught in weekend day-schools. All courses are held in our warm and pleasant workshop space, with free teas and coffees.

Tarot Cards and books
We stock the classic decks: Marseilles, Rider-Waite and Crowley-Harris’ Thoth, along with a wide selection of the best books on tarot symbolism, history, divination technique and psychology. Suzanne Corbie’s self-study tarot CD is on sale here.

Study Days
Our one-day experiential day-schools are structured along thematic lines and explore a select few archetypes from the tarot’s major arcana. They include meditation, discussion, ceremony and activities and are popular with those wishing to explore mystical symbolism as well as those honing their tarot reading skills.