Magical Supplies

The back of the shop is our magical apothecary, and here  you find the candles, herbs, and other bits and pieces for your charms, aromatherapy, and blessings.  We have things made by local craftspeople, many of whom are practitioners themselves.  Our oils, herbs and organic products are high-grade and are ethically sourced.   Our cases also sell supplies for spiritual practice of Western paganism and ceremonial rites — silver pentagram pendants, natural wood wands, stone incense burners, fine athames and wooden candle-sticks. Come stock up! Here’s a bit more about our range:


We have magical beaded necklaces (each one unique) and silver lunar and antler pendants, from local craft jewellers using their own designs. We also sell silver pendants with traditional symbols, most famously pentgrams / pentacles, but also symbols of Egyptian, northern and Celtic designs.

Rosarium_02Essential Oils

An essential oil is generally distilled (usually by steam or water) from the leaves, flowers, bark, roots or other parts of a plant. In magical terms, these oils are said to contain the true essence of the plant and for this reason they are widely used in folk magic and planetary magic. All our oils are deluxe and therapy-grade.

Loose Incense

Blended loose incense is a key element in Western magic, be it the folk-magic of the hedgewitch or the elevated theurgy of the ceremonialist. Incense is the granulated resin from particular plants which produce particularly sweet-smelling sap. Blended incenses contain resin granules combined with a selection of herbs, spices and drops of essential oils.


Herbs are used throughout European and English magic and remedies. One finds them everywhere, from Agrippa to Culpeper, from Paracelsus to local cunning men. The premise of herbal magic is the doctrine of correspondences. Treadwell’s dried herbs are sold in small individual bags convenient for magical practitioners. Each is labelled with its folk name and planetary correspondence.

Soaps and Bath Salts

For magical workings, purifications and for just feeling lovely, we offer a range of home-made soaps from the kitchen of a local hedgewitch.  The bath salts are also hand-blended with traditional herbs and oils to make a soothing and powerful bath. All our soaps and salts use the purest ingredients, each dedicated to a magical purpose.

Pens, Ink and Parchmentsq 10

For writing spells, tradition dictates the use of dipping inks and quill pens, with correspondingly coloured inks and papers. Our spell and talisman papers are made from ecological cotton rag, offering an ecologically-friendly alternative to animal-skin vellum and parchment. Our inks and quill pens come in a range of colours, to suit your spell.


Our cauldrons are made of cast-iron and come in a range of sizes, from 4 cm to 15 cm in diametre, always with the traditional witch’s three legs and with a handy lid.  On the front is a cast design of either a pentagram or a triple moon. Nothing says ‘witchiness’ like a cauldron.

Crystal Balls

Today’s crystal balls benefit from the wonderful technology of optics and ours are made from high-grade optical glass, which gives clarity and purity for effective scrying. Sizes range from 2cm in diameter to 15 cm in diameter.

sq 20Altar Tools and Equipment

Wands, athames, pentacles, incense burners and charcoals form the basics of pagan and ceremonial practices. We take time and care to select the creme-de-la-creme, from items made by crafts people and British home companies.  We find natural products with harmonious proportions that are outstandingly fit for purpose. Feedback tells us you like our taste — and we keep trying.

Oddities and Curiosities

Our travelling friends and peddlers bring us treasures from remote corners of Britain, and from the exotic marketplaces of the world.  Unique items are lovingly displayed for sale in our glass cases. We have had snakeskins, antique silver, Egyptian goddess statuettes,  ouija boards, carved walking sticks, and a black horsetail switch. Who knows what we will have when you come in?