Our Subject Areas

Our books are a mixture of new, second-hand and rare titles.  Western esotericism and European and British Paganism are especially strongly represented on our shelves. But we cover all areas of culture, history, belief, poetry, literature and folklore from around the world. We don’t list most of our books online (except Rare and Unusuals) as our selection is constantly changing.  Our shelf-headings give an idea of what the browser will find when they cross our threshold.

sq 13Western Magical Culture
Wicca and witchcraft, contemporary revived pagan witchcraft
Pagan Spirituality Today: academic and practical titles
Folk Custom, Folk Magic and Folklore
Lore of Creatures: Fairies, Unicorns, Animals and Beasts
Herbalism, Trees, Plants
Celtic Myth, Celtic History and Druidry
Goddess Spirituality
Chaos Magic, from Pete Carroll to Phil Hine and Beyond
Thelema and Aleister Crowley
Typhonian Thelema including Kenneth Grant
Austin Osman Spare
Western Ceremonial Magic including Levi, Papus, Regardie, Dion Fortune, Butler and Gareth Knight

sq 9Older European Culture
Vikings, Northern Tradition, Dark Ages – from Beowulf  to Runes
Middle Ages, including Christian Mystics and Templars
Early Modern Magic and Culture inc. Grimoires, Alchemy, John Dee
Early Modern Witch Hunts, Necomancy and Demonology
Eighteenth Century, including Rosicrucians, Freemasonry
Nineteenth Century, inc. spiritualism, Theosophy, poetry, Golden Dawn
Twentieth Century – including modernism, literature, Second World War, the Sixties


Cultures and Beliefs, Ancient and Modernsq 5
Neolithic culture, including Stonehenge, Avebury and sacred ancient sites
Greece and Rome – classical authors, myths, religion and magic
Ancient Egypt – myths, gods, goddesses, religion and magic
Ancient Near East – Sumeria, Babylonia
Early Christianity, both orthodox and heretical
Judaism and Jewish Culture, including Jewish Kabbalah
India and South Asia, including Hinduism, tantra, and all strands of Buddhism
China and Japan, including Taoism, Zen, Confucianism
Africa and African diaspora, including African religions, voudon, hoodoo, santeria
Native North America, including North American religions and spiritual traditions
South America, including Maya, Aztec, and modern shamanistic movements

sq 16Divinatory Arts
Tarot reading, past and present
Dowsing and scrying
Dream Interpretation

Spiritual and Psychic
Spiritualism and Mediumship
Psychic Development, ESP, Astral travel, Auras, Chakras
Lore of Crystals and Gems

Contemporary Culture – Almost Magic…
Psychology: not least Jung and transpersonal
Sexualities  – erotica, gender studies, queer theory, feminist writing
Novels and Stories: horror, supernatural tales, magical realism and what takes our fancy
Poetry: Ted Hughes and Rilke are regulars on this shelf, also Rimbaud and Baudelaire

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