Tarot Readings

For a tarot reading in London, we cordially invite you to visit Treadwell’s. We have a reader here seven days a week. The ones we represent are personally headhunted because we are so impressed by them.   A good card reader has a lifetime of skill and practice, combined with intuitive ability.

Book by phone on 0207 419 8507.

— Full hour appointment ₤70                         — Half hour appointment ₤40

Readings are from 12.30 pm to 7pm, Monday to Sunday.tarot hands

Treadwell’s Tarot Readers


Michelle Chaso

Michelle Chaso
Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays

Michelle Chaso has been reading tarot for over twenty years. Highly accomplished in the art, she brings years of experience to complement her eight years of formal study. She was born and raised in North London, in a conventional, loving family of Persian heritage. Her exploration of  esoteric subjects was sparked by the loss of a close family member when she was eighteen, and a friend showed her a pack of tarot cards.  Her former professional background is in music publishing, and she has a lifelong affinity for music and the arts. Michelle is renowned for readings which are uncannily accurate and insightful, complemented with compassionate wisdom,and she has an impressive portfolio of  regular clients. Her personal site.

Suzanne Corbie

Suzanne Corbie
Resident Tarot Teacher

Suzanne Corbie has been working with the tarot for forty years, and has been teaching tarot for 14. She also teaches in related spiritual disciplines and is highly regarded and respected in that work. Her former professional life in media production and extensive charity work, make her exceptionally adept at helping clients who come to her for readings on high-level professional and challenging personal life issues. Educated in Switzerland, Suzanne is fluent in French and has many international clients.  She is renowned for her outstanding teaching and her tarot classes are always sold out.  Her personal site.

Tomas D’Aradia

Tomas d’Aradia
Saturdays and Sundays

Tomas has been reading tarot for over thirty five years. Based in London, he has a large number of long-standing clients. He has taught tarot and written on it extensively. His work outside tarot allows him insights into to his clients’ career and personal concerns, at all levels. He has worked at executive level in defence, marketing and procurement in the UK and abroad, been Managing Director of two companies, taught business and English, and – most enjoyably – has had an international career in photography in music. Love, friendship and vocation have given him a tour of the highs and lows of life, and he understands full well what it is to go through some of life’s tougher territory. He has lived in London, Cornwall, Prague and Italy.  Read more about Tomas d’Aradia.

Sue Terry

Sue Ravenscourt

Sue Terry
Resident Workshop Tutor
Sue has lived with, studied and practiced tarot for over thirty years. Her professional background is in helping people grow and develop:  management level career work has involved assistance for those in difficult circumstances, executive coaching and businesses training. At Treadwell’s she teaches  ‘Tarot Card Reading for Absolute Beginners’ afternoon clases, which consistently receive rave reviews;  teaching style is clear, results-oriented, and always fun. Her personal site.

Sara O’Flaherty Every third Saturday and Sunday

Sara McCarthy

Sara O’Flaherty has a dedicated clientele of clients from all walks of life.  She first fell in love with the tarot in 2006 and discovered she had an aptitude for this remarkable divinatory art, and now enjoys an established reputation. The tarot, she observes, has the power to see what we cannot, penetrating beyond the surface of the familiar everyday reality – it brings us into sharp account with the soul of life.  An expert at reading the cards, she also has wide life experience: she has worked professionally in both the corporate world and as a professional musician.  She is appreciated for her quiet wisdom and her highly-tuned awareness of each client she sees.

Adrien Mastrosimone 
Mondays and Thursdays
Adrien’s approach to Tarot is straight-forward and intuitive and has been informed by his interest in
folklore and Western Esotericism. Originally from Marseille, Adrien became enamoured by the early French decks which became pseudonymous and now bear the name ‘Marseille’. He has been reading for over twenty years and has since studied with several world- famous experts on the Marseille deck. His own reading style is known for its no-nonsense clarity; directly communicating the heart of the matter whilst accentuating the choices we each have but may not be aware of. Adrien also has a vibrant career in the arts; a professional dancer and opera singer, he also produces and performs his own shows across London. His Site

Tero Hynynen Occasional Reader

Tero started reading the tarot in 1990 as a young man in Finland. In his early childhood he spent many years living in Iraq, where he was exposed to a global community. This sparked a lifelong interest in other people and cultures. A self-confessed Anglophile, Tero moved to London in 2015, and is now active in the Tarot community with a portfolio of clients here in the UK, with a solid reputation among his peers in the field. In his professional daily life Tero is a nurse with a background in neurosurgery intensive care work. He also holds a degree in art therapy and herbal medicine. Having lived and studied in China, Tero is also a Tai Chi and Qigong instructor. With a passion for healing, he brings clarity and compassion to even the most challenging situations. Tero’s readings are insightful, focussed and clear, offering you a space for you to work out solutions. His website (www.thearcanum.uk)

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Reading Options

Whether a half or full hour, your tarot reading is tailored to your query. The half hour option can give a quick overview of the upcoming months, or it can focus on a question you bring. The full hour appointment goes into greater depth, for either a general exploration or to examine deeply a particular matter.

General reading, half hour
This will show the main issues that will be arising over the coming three to six months. It will reveal whether the dominant theme is likely to be work, love, or family, for instance. It will indicate the sorts of opportunities and challenges that are likely to arise, and will provide suggestions on dealing with these most effectively. In a way, this reading is like a weather forecast. If you want to take a sampling of the upcoming months and see how life is going, this is the best option.

General reading, full hour
The main events of the upcoming three to six months are identified, as in the half-hour reading. However, because you have more time to go deeply into issues or expand your enquiry, the reading allows for greater exploration, with additional cards being drawn for more in-depth clarification. You can explore and examine different strategies and options which you are considering, and weigh up their pros and cons. You can see what responses are likely to be effective in light of future events and circumstances. This allows you to examine your options with more deliberation, reflection and examination.

 Question-based reading, half hour
This is a great choice for when you want to focus on one area of your life, and have a clear question. This reading will show the likely outcome of your current approach, and indicate the basic factors surrounding and affecting the outcomes. You will have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions for clarification on your question, and your reader will give some advice on your best responses and actions. You can examine the solidity and validity of your current approach, or re-calibrate your path, should the reading indicate that to be a more rewarding option.

Question-based reading, full hour
This is the deepest type of reading, in which the mastery of the reader is drawn on to the fullest extent. You bring a particular question, issue or dilemma for the furthest and most serious consideration. You are given, first, a clear outline of the major factors and upcoming events in regard to your question, including hidden influences. You have ample time and can ask for clarification on any angles of the question, and further cards are drawn to give answers. Finally, you can discuss in some depth the ways to best proceed and respond. If personal matters are being examined, you may prefer this option so that you have time for careful handling of emotional issues.


In a Tarot Reading

People choose to have a tarot reading for different reasons: family, profession, relationships, personal development, and work matters are just a few. Whatever the issue, an ethical tarot reader is always respectful of you and your life choices, as well as according you confidentiality and honesty.

Tarot readings at Treadwell’s are held in a private room, so you have complete confidentiality.

  • If you have come with a specific question, you may discuss this before any cards are drawn. If you are having a general reading, then you clarify this at the outset.
  • Your cards are laid out in one of the traditional patterns, known as layouts.
  • Your reader interprets the overall situation from the meanings of the cards, their positions in the layout, and their relationships to one another. Trends and occasions likely to arise in the next three to six months are identified for you. You have the opportunity to ask for further clarification of any aspect, and your reader can speak in greater depth about these points, often drawing further cards on points for which you want more detail.
  • Your reader will always discuss with you what strategies and positive action you can take in your life over the coming months, and will conclude the reading with some outlooks of pro-active points for you.
  • You may record your reading on your mobile phone or dictaphone; most people prefer to take notes.

Treadwell’s Code of Ethical Practice

Your Treadwell’s tarot reader respects the broad diversity in human experience: sexual orientation, social background, ethnicity, lifestyle choices, beliefs, religion, psychological challenges and physical disability.

  • Readings are in strict confidence between the client and the reader. For this reason, all readings are conducted with the client alone, unless translation or physical support is necessary.
  • Clients will be treated with sensitivity and respect.
  • If specialist information is sought, the reader will direct clients to the relevant profession (such as legal, medical, or financial).
  • Readings will not knowingly be given to clients aged under 18 years.
  • All fees are agreed prior to the reading.
  • In the rare event that the reader is unable to read for a client, the reader will inform the client promptly, and no fee will be payable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Treadwell’s Three Month Rule?
Your reading covers the next three to nine months, and will unfold over that time. To maintain perspective, readings are not given for the same person more than once in three months. We strongly discourage dependent relationships with divinatory consultants, and this policy is also an expression our commitment to that principle.

How do I book a tarot reading?  Phone us on 0207 419 8507 or drop us an email with your preferred date/time (12.30-7pm daily).

Where can I learn to read the tarot cards? Read more on our tarot classes