Tomas d’Aradia – Tarot Reader

Tomas D'Aradia

Tomas D’Aradia

Tomas d’Aradia was a sixteen-year old schoolboy in Stubbington, Hampshire when he first saw a deck of tarot cards. From a very conventional family with an engineer father, he was nevertheless very much a creative kid with a penchant for music, cameras and books. At first encounter, the tarot card images spoke to him vividly;  immediately and he undertook to learn the art. He’s never stopped since.

Tomas moved to London in his twenties and worked at executive level in defence procurement and marketing. The arts had such a big pull, though, that he resigned from his career to follow his passion for music. He worked internationally as a musician for fifteen years, living in Italy for part of that time. In more recent years he turned more seriously to photography, which took him to Prague for three years. Back in London now, Tomas does photography professionally for corporate clients and high-profile musicians . He is also regarded as an expert on the imagery and process of tarot; he has spoken on tarot at events in the Frieze Art Fair and UCL’s art history department.

Reading the tarot cards for clients and friends has been a constant; Tomas calls it a vocation and spiritual path. Each consultation is treated as an in-depth time for exploration, and his many regular clients range from creative directors to next-door neighbours. Love, enterprise and adventure have given him a tour of highs and lows, and he understands first hand what it is to go through life’s tougher territory.

His approach accords with the Treadwells Code of Ethics. His clients say he helps them achieve perspective, insight and a sense of their pro-active courses of action. Treadwells head-hunted Tomas in 2009 before a move abroad, and as of 2014 he is again regularly working an in-house consultant. He lives in Bloomsbury.