We Buy Books & Magical Curiosities

objects shelfOld books.  We all love them, but sometimes they need new homes. Are you having a clear-out? Moving house?  Maybe you are ready to sell on a rare or unusual title, or perhaps you have to dispose of  an entire book  collection. We can help.  Treadwells buys esoteric and pagan titles in small and large quantities. We buy books of all kinds,  from the simple pre-loved paperback to the rare antiquarian volume.  We offer fair prices and are proud of our reputation as a trusted place for sellers.  We buy only esoteric, myth, ancient and pagan topics. Usually, you need to be near  London as we do not normally make collections,  and we do not pay postage.

shelf closeupMagical Paraphernalia, Esoteric Curios. Whatever you want to call them, we all know what  it means.  It’s that dragon-headed walking stick, that Victorian scrying mirror, that hand-painted pentacle. When you need to sell it, we are ready to buy it.  We are your port of call when you discover your late grandfather’s magical wand collection, or when you find you have far too many ornately carved  incense burners to fit into the moving van.  And, it’s the simpler stuff too:  that overstock of crystals, for example.  Think of us for any items that may just be looking for a new home.

We offer fair prices, complete discretion and consistent sensitivity.  Please contact us by email in the first instance.

“Second hand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack.” Virginia Woolf