A fine blend of this classic recipe, whose purpose is to call your Holy Guardian Angel.

This famed incense originates in medieval German's 'Sacred Book of Abramelin the Mage,' dedicated to invoking one’s holy guardian angel. It is hard to find quality makers of the incense, so we are very proud to stock this Abramelin Incense.


Our makers use traditional recipes, developed and fine-tuned to perfection. The incenses are hand-blended, made with herbs, resins, roots, oils and a lot of magic. The makers are Steve and Jen, witches from near Nottingham who run a fine-quality bespoke cottage industry.


Loose incense is burned on charcoals (shisha charcoals) and smoulders to release its scent. Incenses power up spells, cleanse sacred space and invoke powers into rituals. Of course, they can also be used simply to make the house smell nice.


Abramelin Incense