Journal of esotericism, finely printed in full colour with articles, art and poetry, which ran for six issues with three special issues, through the early 2010s. Issue 5 is from 2014. This hardback comes with the art print (in original envelope) and the talismanic kama card, as issued.


  • Editorial, Christina Oakley Harrington
  • Olivia Robertson: A Visionary Life, Caroline Wise
  • A Brief History of the Use of Spirits in European Occultism, Stephanie Spoto
  • John Augustus Knapp: Modern Master of Occult Illustration, Ken Henson
  • Marrasio's Masque, translated by Merlin Cox, illustrated by Gromyko Semper
  • Musings on Breath, David Blank
  • The (Not Entirely) Lost Art of the Apothecary: Abramelin Oil and Ancient Perfumery, Ioannis Marathakis
  • Victor Brauner at the Crossroads of Magic and Chance, Jon Graham
  • Esoteric City: Theological Hermeneutics in Plato's Republic, Edward Butler, with photography by SF Said
  • Sonnet, Comte de Saint-Germain, translated by Sebastian Hayes
  • Games of Fate: Aby Warburg's Mnemosyne, Plate 23a, Silvia Urbini
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Joséphin Péladan’s Religion of Art, Sasha Chaitow
  • Meeting Le Maître: An Introduction to the Art of Michael Bertiaux, Ariock Van de Voorde
  • Antinous and Glykon: The Gods of Good Hair in Late Antique Anatolia, P. Sufenas Virius Lupus


  • Nihilalia: In conversation with Bea Kwan Lim, Randall Morris
  • Black and White & Gold All Over: An Interview with Panos Tsagaris, Pam Grossman


  • La Villa dei Misteri, Arrington de Dionyso
  • Mycology, Madeline Cass
  • A Brief History of Witchcraft: Inquisitors & Witches, Ian Pyper
  • Oversoul, Joanna Pallaris
  • Bené-Satan, Sasha Chaitow
  • Isis and Taweret with tomb of Hafiz, Adela Leibowitz
  • Blind Love, K Lenore Siner
  • De Vermis in Se, Max Razdow


London: Fulgur & Treadwell's, 2014. Hardback with dustwrapper, 78 pages. Includes talisman and art print in envelope as issued.


Abraxas Journal 5 - HB