Journal of esotericism, finely printed in full colour with articles, art and poetry, which ran for six issues with three special issues through the early 2010s. Issue Three is from 2013.



  • Sufism: A Theurgic Perspective, Zaheer Gulamhusein
  • A Place Apart [Gardnerian Witchcraft. Article and 1964 photo essay], Christina Oakley Harrington
  • Saint Spider [Italian Tarantella], Francesco Dimitri
  • Stones [witchcraft, tarot], Tomas d'Aradia
  • The Paracelsus of the Umbratick Evester [design special - Paracelsus alchemy text], Joseph Uccello



  • Caves of Sorcerers: The American Beginnings of Crowleys Art, William Breeze
  • Crowley the Painter in Cefalu and the Origins of the Palermo Collection, Giuseppe di Liberti
  • Aleister Crowley, Paintings and the Works from the Palermo Collection, Marco Pasi
  • An Inventory of the Palermo Collection, Marco Pasi



  • Denis Forkas Konstantin interview by Robert Ansell
  • Jesse Bransford Interview by Pam Grossman



  • The Secret School [photo essay], Christina Mitrentse
  • Eight English Rituals [photo essay], Sara Hannant



  • Tread Well, Robert Yates
  • Do Me Dada Style, Adel Souto
  • Hunting Amber, Paul Cowlan
  • Casting Song, Siofra McSherry
  • of the stars, and two, Paul Hardacre
  • Designing the Hermitage, Paul Cowlan
  • In the Bookshop, Stephen Alexander


London: Fulgur & Treadwells, 2013.  Softback, new. 

Fold on cover.


Abraxas Journal Three

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