This book is a guide to food offerings in Lukumi, an essential element in the religious practice. There are both philosophical and practical sides to the subject, and Ramos covers them both.  He gives lists of essential ingredients, vocabulary lists of terms for foods, and lists of what foods are to be given to which deities. A selection of recipes is also offered, followed by a useful detailed section on the times, methods and other specifics for serving food at all the various religious situations and rituals. Thirty pages of photographs complete the book.

        Willie Ramos is a longstanding priest of the tradition, as well as a thoughtful and assiduous researcher.  Deeply passionate about the old ways of Lukumi, he writes clearly, effectively and eloquently. His books are highly valuable resources, which we are proud to supply in the UK. Publications, 2012. Paperback, 262 pages. New.


Adimu [ Lukumi Offerings] - Miguel Ramos