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Afflicted Mirror - Peter Hamilton-Giles


Traditional / sabbatic witchcraft's mystical states: ecstasy, vision, and encountering the Other.  

Subtitled   'A Study of Ordeals and the Making of Compacts,' this book offers a theory of why achieving altered states of consciousness is crucial in the practice of magic. Hamilton-Giles here proposes that the metaphysical domain, if we perceive it in a distorted form, can then attract our attention. Thus we can actually experience existence of the Other.  A work of the Chumbley school of sabbatic witchcraft,  this text refers to diverse spiritual states as the mysticism of the seer, the religious ecstasy of the saint, and the spirit-conjurations of the sorcerer.

Berkeley, CA: Three Hands Press, 2013. Hardback, 167 pages. New. Limited edition. Hand numbered, 666 hardcover copies printed. With Illustrations by Carolyn Hamilton-Giles.