Anonymous [After A.O. Spare]. This famous image by the London esoteric artist and magus Austin Osman Spare has served as an icon for generations of young occultists since the 1980s, appearing on T-shirts, in sketch book, and in many forms, serving as an alter-ego or avatar for more recent generations. This skilled pen-and-ink drawing is one of the most accomplished we have seen of such works of hommage to the master. Treadwell's has had it framed, so it is now presented to best effect.


Anonymous. Pen and ink drawing. Image size 35 x 54 cm. Framed 48 x 64 cm Estimated to be dated to the 1990s. After Austin Osman Spare's work, 'General Allegory' which appeared in his book, A Book of Satyrs. Mounted and framed in 2019 by Russell and Chapple, Fitzrovia, London. 




After 'General Allegory' From A Book of Satyrs