Self-published booklet on the presiding genius of alchemy - Hermes, god of riddles, tricks and secrets.

Written by a practising spiritual alchemist of over 30 years, this small self-published book is a detailed look at the attributes, forms and iconography of Hermes / Mercury, tutelary wheeler-dealer deity of change, trade, thieves and market places. This book unpacks his qualities, symbols, aspects and attributes through the canon of alchemical works. Paul Cowlan has a firm grasp of the many aspects of the subject and has the unusual ability to convey the complexity of meanings and iconography in an engaging, clear style. He is a writer based in Germany who is also a regular speaker in the Treadwell's lecture series. This booklet is exclusive to Treadwell's.


Frankfurt: Alembic, 2015. Stapled booklet, 99 pages. New. Signed by the author.


Alchemical Mercurius - Paul Cowlan. Signed.