A spiritual alchemist's account of his initiation into the Work, a true tale of synchonicity. 

In the 1980s Paul Cowlan experienced a stunning series of events in dream and real life, which set him on the path of working spiritually with alchemy. This booklet relates the images which came to him spontaneously in dreams and the events which he then discovered correlated to the iconograph in alchemical texts, which relate to the stages of transformation. This is a personal essay, in the form of a booket, which demonstrates the personal and universal nature of the journey which anyone may undertake. Paul Cowlan has a firm grasp of the many aspects of the subject and has the unusual ability to convey the complexity of meanings and iconography in an engaging, clear style. He is a writer based in Germany who also a regular speaker in the Treadwell's lecture series. This booklet is exclusive to Treadwell's.


Frankfurt: Alembic, 2015. Stapled booklet, 43 pages. New. Signed by the author.


Alchemy by Night - Paul Cowlan. Signed