Aleister Crowley Early Poetic Works - Christian Giudice


Aleister Crowley: Early Poetic Works is an examination of four of Crowley's early poetic productions: Aceldama: A Place to Bury Strangers In, Jezebel and Other Tragic Poems, Songs of the Spirit and The Tale of Archais: A Romance in Verse. These works, written when Crowley was a Cambridge undergraduate, reveal the story of his love affair with actor and female impersonator Jerome Pollitt. The twin themes of homosexual love and spiritual yearning paint a magnificent picture of a poet confronting taboos and seeking spiritual truths. With an introduction by Henrik Bogdan, Chris Giudice's book sheds much new light on Crowley's early passions, and finds a place for him as one of the British Decadents.

London: Kamuret Press, 2019. Hardback, xii+287 pages. New.




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