Subtitled 'Art, Espionage, and Sex Magick in the New World,'  this is the first full account of Aleister Crowley's three sojourns in America. Drawing on previously unpublished diaries and letters, the author traces Crowley's extensive travels throughout America and his quest to bring a new magical consciousness to the United States, whilst working to undermine Germany's propaganda campaign to keep the USA out of the First World War. On the way, he explores Crowley's relationship with the radical art scene in Greenwich Village, his various love affairs, his relationships with authors such as Sinclair Lewis and Theodore Dreiser and artists such as John Butler Yeats and Leon Engers Kennedy. Everything Crowley did in America is fully explored, from his controversial political stunts to his hard times in New Orleans to his psychedelic experimentation and his later influence on scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons.  

Aleister Crowley in America is a significant addition to the biographies of the Beast.


Rochester: Inner Traditions, 2017. Hardback, xvi 749 pages. New.



Aleister Crowley in America - Tobias Churton