Following on from his earlier books which examined Aleister Crowley's times in Berlin and America, Tobias Churton turns attention to a crucial and formative period in Aleister Crowley's tempestuous spiritual journey - his visits to India. Drawing on Crowley's unpublished diaries, he gives the low down on Crowley's adventures, his travels across the subcontinent, his moutaineering feats, and the people he encountered. He explores Crowley's engagement with yoga and Hindu religious currents; interestingly he also gives some space to discussing the thorny issue of how much Crowley was interested in Tantric practices. Engagingly and wittily written, this book is an important contribution for understanding the influence of India on Western occultism, and for a better understanding of the contexts which informed Aleister Crowley's ideas.

Rochester: Inner Traditions, 2019. Hardback with dustjacket, x+499 pages. New.


Aleister Crowley in India - Tobias Churton