Aleister Crowley arrived in Berlin on April 18th, 1930. As prophet of his syncretic religion "Thelema," he wanted to be among the leaders of art and thought, and Berlin, the liberated future-gazing metropolis, wanted him. There he would live, until his hurried departure on June 22nd, 1932, as Hitler was rapidly rising to power and the black curtain of intolerance came down upon the city. In Aleister Crowley: The Beast in Berlin, Art, Sex and Magick in the Weimar Republic. Churton presents "the Beast" anew in all his ambiguous and, for some, terrifying glory, at a blazing, seminal moment in the history of the world.


Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions, 2014. Hardback, 386 pages. New.


Aleister Crowley: The Beast in Berlin - Tobias Churton