This book of memoir, prose poetry and lyrical poems is devoted to Coil's founding member, the late John Balance. It is written by award-winning poet and novelist, Jeremy Reed, a close personal friend of Balance: it is a highly evocative work of interwoven memory, anecdote, narrative and poem.  The artistic component is by Karolina Urbaniak, whose photographic contribution makes the volume and object of oustanding beauty. There is also a montage of postcards and handwritten letters Balance sent to Reed during their years of acquaintance.  It is highly praised: 'Altered Balance captures Geff's life perfectly. It sometimes makes for uncomfortable reading but that was very much what knowing Geff was like' (Thighpaulsandra).

London: Infinity Land Press, 2019. Hardback, 73 pages. New.

Altered Balance: A Tribute to Coil