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Magical beliefs and practices in ancient Egypt, from a historical yet accessible perspective.


This is an accessible, entertaining book about what archaeological finds, tomb murals and hieroglyphic texts can tell us about magic in ancient Egypt, written by a professor of history at the University of Exeter. Professor Christina Riggs discusses magical words, the role of priests and sorcerers, burial practices, and the diverse animals that were considered magical. She also looks at amulets and spells and the various purposes for which they were used – love, fertility, or security in the afterlife. The book itself is very well-produced, with a line illustration design on dark yellow hardcover, and black-and-white illustrations and photographs throughout. Aimed at non-specialists, this is a highly readable book for anyone who would like a historically informed view of what we know about the magic of ancient Egypt.


London: Thames & Hudson, 2020. Hardcover, 208 pages. New.

Ancient Egyptian Magic - Christina Riggs