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Ancient Tarot of Lombardy


This deck faithfully reproduces the images on an old Lombard deck dating to 1810, long unavailable. It is one of those created and sold during the Lombard tarot renaissance of the late 18th and early 19th century Creator Ferdinando Gumppenberg of Milan moved away from the bold woodcut of the Marseille style which had formerly dominated the designs, to explore a more delicate, lithe neo-classical style which was popular in art, fashion and architecture at the time.  This beautiful reproduction deck a snapshot of divination in the Napoleonic era. 


This deck of 78 tarot cards is colour printed on both sides, the rear being a double angel design in light bue; it is unopened,  still cellophane wrapped. box has the Lllewellyn logo on the front, and on the bottom the words (c) Lo Scarabeo, Torino Printed in Italy.  The enclosed leaflet is a folded long single sheet, stating '2000 Copyright Lo Scarabeo.'


Condition: cards are unopened, in cellophane, so mint condition. The leaflet is in near-fine condition (small fold mark to upper right corner). Box is in fine condition.