A famous how-to book for summoning spirits, demons, and angels, from the 16th century.

The Arbatel is one of the most influential grimoires of the 16th century, and here it is published in a scholarly edition, with both Latin and English translations included in full. Unlike many other grimoires of the era, the Arbatel is concise, elegantly written, and clear in style; no doubt this helped make it so popular. It also advocates that the magus have good values, avoids dogmatism, helps one's neighbours and uses one's time wisely. Joseph Peterson's excellent edition gives both the Latin text and its English translation, along with history of the text, its provenance, and a discussion of the grimoires it influenced.  


Lake Worth, Fl, Ibis Press, 2009. Hardback, xxxii 127 pages, New.


Arbatel [Grimoire]