In the great tradition of the medieval bestiaries, Arcanum Bestiarum is a book of animals of atavistic power.

Written from the perspective of Cultus Sabbati witchcraft, the book treats the occult virtues of fifty animals, complete with their arcana and potencies. Special attention is given to animal forms in alchemy. We also meet the animals' presence in shamanism and witchcraft, where they appear as spirit-helpers and familars.


The book has 55 original woodcut illustrations by artist Liv Rainey-Smith and is illustrated throughout. Subtitled, 'Of the Subtil and Occult Virtues of Divers Beasts', it has a dark, edgy feel we associate with the sabbatic witchraft current. Author Robert Fitzgerald has worked in the ecological field of wildlife rehabilitation, which lends the work yet another form of intimate depth.


Richmond Vista, CA: Three Hands Press, 2012. Hardback, 246 pages. New.


Arcanum Bestiarum - Robert Fitzgerald