Thomas Taylor's much-loved translations have been magnificently issued by the Prometheus Trust in handsome hardback editions.  Aristotle's 'The Metaphysics' makes up the bulk of this volume, followed by several of his shorter works:

- Against the Dogmas of Xenphanes, Zeno and Gorgias

- The Mechanical Problems

- On Audibles

- On the World

- On the Virtues and Vices

The production values are high, the typesetting and layout are elegant and easy to read, and the overall effect is impressive, making these books welcome additions to the reader's library. This is Volume V of the Prometheus Trust's 'Works of Aristotle', which is also Vol XXIII of their Thomas Taylor Series. 

Frome: Prometheus Trust, 2003. 583 pages, hardback. New. 



Aristotle's 'The Metaphysics' et alia - trans. Thomas Taylor