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Artaud 1937 Apocalypse


Previously unpublished letters tracing Artaud's 1937 occult-obsessed breakdown in Ireland. 

Antonin Artaud is a literary great of twentieth century literature, and this new book brings to light a previously unseen occult side of his life.  Artaud's 1937 visit to Ireland was mentally troubled: everywhere he saw signs of an impending apocalypse, and in a distressed state he created magical curses against his enemies and protective spells to save him from impending incineration.  This book collects this material, which both letters and photographs, to form a powerful account and an important contribution to the history of twentieth-century esotericism   

With an afterword and notes by translator and editor Stephen Barber, plus artwork by Martin Bladh and photographs by Karolina Urbaniak.

London: Infinity Land Press, 2018. Hardback, 120 pages. New.