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Published by literary imprint Sceptre, this is an account of the author's personal journey through the Scottish landscape in search of its witch-hunting history.


The book begins in Torryburn, along the Fife Coastal Path, where a woman named Lillias Adie was accused of witchcraft and tortured into confession in 1704. In this vein the chapters each touch on a different locale and the true stories of the women who were similarly accused, convicted and – in most cases – executed. Through the author's vivid narration and resonant sympathy, this book memorialises the many women who were persecuted as witches, and brings to light a strand of Scottish history that is often overlooked.


London: Sceptre, 2023. Paperback, 292 pages. New.

Ashes & Stones [Witchcraft] (PB) – Allyson Shaw