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Besom, Stang & Sword - Christopher Orapello & Tara-Love Maguire


Besom, Stang and Sword is a guide to Traditional Witchcraft and its Six-Fold Path. The authors - founders of the Blacktree Coven - expound in this book a form of witchcraft which is regional-specific, differing from the adoption of foreign deities and religious forms of witchcraft by its emphasis on finding witchcraft in one's own ancestors and locality, in local, wild uncultivated land. Besom, Stang and Sword offers a guide to the Six-Fold Crooked path of Traditional Wirchcraft, providing both a history of this ancient craft, together with practical advice on crafting magical tools, spellcrafting, divination, necromancy, the sabbat, and how to connect with local spirits of place. Extensively illustrated and with reccomendations for further reading, this is a fascinating insight into the ways of Traditional Witchcraft.

Newburyport: Weiser Books, 2018. Paperback, 292 pages. New.