A leading voice of younger, personalised witchcraft practice, Gabi Herstik here explores the four elements, in her famously conversational, welcoming style. Her practice is well-established and solid, and it shows: the book gives activities, suggested practices, and a wealth of knowledge which she herself clearly does, and has done for over a decade. Breathwork, crystals, tarot, goddesses, celebrations and rituals are suggested, for each to do in their own way to find meaning. We love her sensitivity to personal empowerment, consideration for others, social justice, care for the Earth, gender and ethnic  inclusivity. She's wide-ranging, thoughtful, and the practices are strong and transformative. Recommended.


N.l. Tarcher/Perigee  - PenguinRandomhouse, 2020. Paperback, 336 pages. New.


Bewitching the Elements - Gabriela Herstik