Selections and study guide to the Platonic tradition, central to Western occult hermeticism.


This volume presents the metaphysics of Platonism for the serious student who wishes to study it as a mystical or esoteric subject. The first part of the book consists of extracts from the works of ancient philosophers concerning The One and the Gods; these are chosen to serve as a starting point for meditation and reflection. The second section offers a course of study. Addey takes the view that the orthodox understanding of Plato, based on the division of reality into abstract form and material manifestation, is inadequate for the proper understanding of the tradition. His study guide is thus based on a six-fold division of the universe, which he holds is both more accurate and more nuanced.  


Frome, Somerset, UK: Prometheus Trust, 2011. 173 pages. Paperback. New


Beyond the Shadows: Metaphysics of the Platonic Tradition