The 16th-century Spaniard Jerónimo Cortez was a natural philosopher fascinated by the moon, astrology, spirits, demons and remedies. His influential works were both magical and scientific, and the content of his work made its way into later grimoires.

His three great works are presented together in English for the first time: Non Plus Ultra Do Lunario, the Physiognomy and Various Secrets of Nature, and the Treatise of the Animals.

      The Lunario is an early example of an almanac, featuring prognostications of weather, astrological and astronomical information, and procedures for bloodletting. Physiognomy is both a medical and astrological text.

      Treatise... is bestiary of animals both real and mythical. This work is a fascinating glimpse into Early Modern natural philosophy and its intersections with magic and science. Translated and introduced by Leitão.


London: Hadean Press, 2017. Paperback, 626 pages. New.


Bibliotheca Valenciana - Jerónimo Cortez [astrology, grimoire]