This new book looks at the magical life and works of the 'black abbot' Johannes Trithemius, teacher of Agrippa and role model to John Dee. New material sheds light on his actual practice, which blended high magic and folk magic;  it also explores his 'magical theology' which relies on cultivating a relationship with the personal angel. This book contains essays on Trithemius and his two direct predecessors, and also texts and material of the man and his milieu:

- first full English translations of two angelic grimoires attributed to Trithemius

- the construction of the talismanic Tablet of Truth

- recipe for a love philtre 

- instructions for the exorcism powder of Pelagius

- guide to preparing a purificatory counter-magic of the witch’s bath

Frater Acher's research and translation, which is presented beautifully by Scarlet Imprint, is one of the most exciting releases of 2020. As more historical magi are brought to life for today's occult practitioners, it is time to welcome Frater Acher's celebration of Trithemius to the table. A great book, it has six diagrammes, one full-page b/w illustration, and a fold-out page of illustration on the final page.

Cornwall: Scarlet Imprint, 2020. 212 pages, paperback. 





Black Abbot, White Magic - Fr Acher (PB)