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Black Pullet [Grimoire]- limited edn


This new handsome edition of the famous treasure-seeking magical grimoire is from a fine press based in Italy, and makes a wonderful gift for the magically inclined occultist with a bent for historical texts. The whole text is dedicated to giving instructions on how to make talismans, do rituals for treasure an in short become a sort of 'wizard king.' This edition is composed from three versions, originally in French, and is reliant most heavily on a mid-19th century variant. As editor Paul Summers Young points out, it contains a wonderful introductory story set in Egypt, which makes it a late iteration of the Egytomania which was epitomised by slightly-earlier occult grandee, Athanasius Kircher. The emblem-like illustrations of the talismans pepper the book, making it exceptionally attractive. A beautiful book.

Italy: Black Letter Press, 2019.  New, xv+16 pages. Limited edition of 333 hand-numbered copies.