Subtitled: 'The writings of H.P. Blavatsky in modern English. Volume 1', this new release seeks to uncover the bones of Blavatsky's occult masterwork Isis Unveiled, without the linguistic challenges faced by so many readers. Blavatsky's dense, heavily Victorian prose often presents difficulties for those discovering her work for the first time, and has sadly put many a would-be theosophical student off their studies.

   Now, theosophist and author Moon Laramie presents her work, meticulously translated and verified, into modern English, taking us on a Gnostic trip through worlds populated by skeptics, spirits, sages and Schopenhauer. This is the first tome in an ambitious project to translate all of Blavatsky's works into more accessible language.

   New seekers and seasoned magicians alike will find this book packed cover-to-cover with 19th century supernatural study that also manages to be wildly entertaining. Heartily recommended by Treadwells!


Blavatsky Unveiled: Moon Laramie. England, Martin Firrell Company, 2020. 356 pp plus extensive notes and 'Who's Who' index. Paperback.

Blavatsky Unveiled - Moon Laramie