A clear guide to the magical terms and concepts of Austin Osman Spare, for the general reader.

Chris Chibnall here clearly explains Spare's occult ideas, mysticism and terminology, all of which are famously abstruse. The artist's unique philosophy is filled with words of his own creation, but which he never clearly explains. Even so, they and the ideas they allude to are encoded in much of his art and writing. A guide has been long overdue, and it is a great service that Chris Chibnall has provided one. 

    The book is centred on Spare's central work, The Book of Pleasure (Self-Love): Psychology of Ecstasy,  published in 1913, the work in which Spare is most expansive about his occult ideas, including making sigils - a method which became vastly popular in chaos magic.


Somerset, UK: Green Magic, 2014. Paperback, 152 pages. New.


Book of Pleasure in Plain English