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Brazen Vessel PB - Dimech & Grey


Ten years of creative, magical partnership of Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey are celebrated in this 400+ page anthology of 35 works. The pieces are mainly those now unavailable or which were never published. Thus it includes items as diverse as  the invocation of Babalon given at the 2008 Oxford Thelemic Symposium, to the the eschatology of Babalon given at Occulture Berlin in 2018.  There are pieces created individually and others authored jointly.  The writing is consistently stunning: Dimech and Grey both have a deep understanding of the word as poetic power, and the impact comes across in every piece. Both individually and together, their vision is always political, always challenging of the status quo, always pushing back against the comfortable norm. They push magic to the the edges of experience  -- erotic, embodied, visceral, transgressive.  This is a volume of a very important anniversary in the British magical community.   Treadwell's was  the launch host, on 5th July 2018.