This book of Norse myth and magic is made up of five stories, five essays and a rune-poem.

The stories arise from the Norse myths: the marriage of Frey and Gerd, Gullveig-Heidh power revelation and Rig's Tale. In one tale, we meet Loki attending a pagan pub moot; elsewhere Lee gives us an image of Ragnarök as seen through the eyes of an ancient shaman. In the essays, Dave Lee analyses some themes and topics: the Norse creation myth, the position of the magician in the world (or against the world), and a chaos magic interpretatation of magical experiences in the Northern traditions. Dave Lee is a longstanding practitioner of Chaos Magic in the UK, whose work also involves elements from the Northern traditions.


Oxford: Mandrake, 2008. Paperback, 166 pages. New.


Bright from the Well - Dave Lee