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Coagula - Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule


Third of a trio of occult art books - alchemical stages in the  adventure of the irrepressible Australian nomad artistas Orryelle.

This is the final volume -- the attainment of gold - and its remarkable drawings are erotic, demonic and grisly in turn. Stream-of-conscious writings are interwoven through it.  Fulgur's outstanding production values make the book a true collector's item, with the signature stitched binding, quality paper and excellent colour values. About Orryelle, from his publisher's website (fulgur.co.uk): "Among the influences on Orryelle's magick are the Magickal Children of Austin Osman Spare, especially Chaos Magick, sigil-making and the shamanic services of bringing back visions and their wisdom to the tribe"

Limited edition, out of print. London: Fulgur, 2011. Hardback. This is a limited standard edition, of which there were only 640 hand-numbered copies.