The Prometheus Trust's volumes are striking, quality books presenting works from ancient writers which are relevant to the esoteric reader: early texts of hermetic philosophy, pagan spirituality, and the ensouled cosmology. This volume give a selection of those dealing with the philosophic view of the pagan gods and the world. It includes: 

  • Sallust, On The Gods and the World
  • The Pythagoric Sentences of Demophilus
  • Taurus, On the Eternity of the World
  • The Thema Mundi of Julius Firmicus Maternus
  • The Emperor Julian's Oration to the Mother of the Gods
  • To the Sovereign Sun
  • Synesius' On Providence
  • Thomas Taylor, On the Mythology of the Greeks
  • Thomas Taylor, On the Theology of the Greeks

The publishers call it an indispensable and accessible introduction to Greek theology.

N.l.: Prometheus Trust. Hardback, 272 pages. New.

Collected Writings on the Gods and the World