Few are the books to guide the person drawn to the ancient Egyptian gods, and fewer still are those who assist one to do so harmoniously with the Egyptian worldview and original temple rites. Storm Constantine has succeeded admirably in doing so. Constantine introduces the reader to fifteen deities (neteru) in their family groupings, providing a visualisation and then a ritual for each. This method succeeds in helping one get to know the deity's story before performing act of worship for them. 

           Incredibly valuable are the introductory chapters, in which the author talks about the ancient Egyptian methods of purifying sacred space, orienting quarter guardians, and engaged with deities; there is coverage of 'words of power', colour meanings, and magical tools. Helpfully, she points out distinctions, contrasting points where ancient Egyptian religious practices differ from modern pagan practices.  This is a truly useful book, and we welcome it warmly.

 Stafford: Megalithica, 2019.  354 pages, paperback. New.

Coming forth by Day - Storm Constantine [Egyptian Magic]