Arthur Conan Doyle is famous for his creation of Sherlock Holmes, the ultra-rational consulting detective. Yet Arthur Conan Doyle was fascinated by the paranormal, and in 1916, publicly announced his belief in Spiritualism. In this book, historian Matt Wingett traces the development of Doyle's interest in the paranormal, from his early interest in spirit communications to his articles published in the Spiritualist magazine Light. Wingett describes how well-known figures such as H.G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw were drawn into debates over Doyle's championing of the Spiritualist cause, and certain churchmen accused Doyle of being a necromancer. Draws extensively upon newspaper articles, correspondence and documentation to build a remarkable study.


Life Is Amazing: 2016. Paperback, 320 pages. New. Signed by the author.


Conan Doyle and the Mysterious World of Light (signed) - Matt Wingett